The Bodhi Tree Project operates through the Denver Lab: a group of scientists and students at Oregon State University.

Bodhi Tree Project Leadership:

Primary Investigator:  Dee Denver, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, OSU (contact by email for inquiries: denvedee[at]

Research Coordinator:  Dana Howe, Senior Faculty Research Assistant, Department of Integrative Biology, OSU

Project Students:

Rebekah Cleary, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology undergraduate major. 2018 OSU SURE Science grant awardee!

Christina Lew, BioHealth Sciences and Art undergraduate double-major. 2018 OSU URSA-Engage grant awardee!

Sophia Vahsholtz, Biology undergraduate major. 2019 OSU Sure Science grant awardee!

Sushovita Pal, joining the OSU Integrative Biology PhD program in Fall, 2019!

Bodhi Tree Project Alumni:

Beth Davis, OSU Biology undergraduate major

Jeilene Hambly, BS in Biology from OSU, 2018