The Bodhi Tree Project’s goal is to advance the intersection of Buddhism and science through a research effort focused the genetic history and evolution of Bodhi trees, Ficus religiosa. We have three specific objectives:

#1. Gather, generate, and share diverse forms of Bodhi tree knowledge and resources.

  • Ancient and modern information about worldwide locations of sacred Bodhi trees. Check out our ever-evolving Bodhi tree map.
  • Knowledge on the social and spiritual relevance of Bodhi trees to Buddhist communities around the world.
  • Insights into the genetics and evolution of Bodhi tree DNA.

#2. Develop and provide a unique research training and mentoring environment that combines Buddhist and scientific perspectives and practices.

  • Training in the scientific method, hypothesis development, and experimental design.
  • Development of molecular-genetic laboratory skills and techniques.
  • Evolutionary and bioinformatic analysis of Bodhi tree DNA.
  • Exploration of diverse Buddhist teachings and practices, and their connections to motivation, awareness, and confidence in the practice of science.

#3. Communicate Bodhi Tree Project discoveries with new audiences.

  • Research poster preparation and presentation at academic conferences and symposia.
  • Oral presentations at international conferences.
  • Bodhi Tree Project travel blog.
  • Peer-reviewed scientific articles (coming soon).